Care instructions 

Microwave safe unless otherwise stated.
Dishwasher: My ceramic mugs can tolerate the dishwasher but appreciate hand-washing instead. 

Pottery Details

Scumugs pottery is handmade with love. Please keep in mind that these pieces are not machine made. They are individually hand crafted by one human being. Thus said, there may be some small imperfections in some pieces. 

Please allow time for the production process. Ceramics is not fast. 

Sometimes the ceramic world can be a bitch and have a mind of its own. Things happen, glazes run, shit falls off and stuff explodes. I am more than happy to re-make your piece if a mishap occurs. 

No refunds. Once your custom mug is made there are no changes or refunds allowed. If for some reason you are absolutely unhappy with your item, please email me [email protected]

All pottery is fired to cone 5/6 in a ceramic kiln, hitting temperatures up to 2,000+ degrees. They are vitrified, stone hard and sturdy and will last a very long time.